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Yes, exactly re fun and teambuilding.  And to that point, one of the benefits of CafePress is actually its findability and ease of use - people expect to find WMF material there, and they do.  (I say this as a person who went and found and  bought our stuff there, long before I ever saw the CP link on our site - I'm probably not alone in that.)

And although I too have heard the complaints about quality, my shirts are holding up fine :-)

Regardless, yes, Vishal has been looking at this, and yes, it has not been a particularly high priority.  Really it's the branding company who will handle it, if we sign with one. They will have the industry knowledge and the relationships to make a recommendation for what's best.


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Erik Moeller wrote:
> On 8/26/07, Sean Whitton <sean at silentflame.com> wrote:
>> Right now we have the Cafepress shop for T-shirts and the like, but in
>> general the quality of the products that Cafepress produce is pretty
>> low. I am told that whilst gentoo has a shop there, the conference
>> organisers actually use a seperate company to produce much the same
>> thing for the conferences due to the lack of quality described. While
>> I haven't bought any T-shirts from them thus far, other things I have
>> bought have been of similar poor quality.
> Last time I checked, Vishal was comparing multiple alternatives. This
> likely doesn't have any priority right now as the revenue from
> merchandising tends to be comparatively small.

There is also the proposition from the branding company. If we sign a 
deal with them, it would be within their role to find a more suitable 
(if more suitable there is) company for tee-shirt printing I guess.

I agree it is not a priority from a "revenue" point of view; This said, 
from a consumer point of view, the quality is a little bit more 
important than "revenue" :-)
If tee-shirts do not bring significant revenue, then the quality is a 
priority over revenue... Exploring options to change tee-shirt providers 
and taking primarily into account revenue as a variable is, imho, a 
mistake. Tee-shirts are not done to bring money, but mostly because it 
is fun and team building.

LINK ! http://www.aboutus.org/WikiWear.org


> I'm fairly happy with everything I've purchased through CP, but I'm
> probably about 20 degrees removed from a person who could give an
> informed opinion about such matters. That said, mere rumors and
> personal anecdotes are not particularly compelling. I'd like to hear
> some more substantive criticisms than "poor quality", preferably a
> comparison of multiple vendors published in a reliable source. If it's
> not sufficiently sourced by Wikipedia's standards of inclusion, it's
> not enough to base a decision on. ;-)

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