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effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 07:50:46 UTC 2007

Why would you need a Wiki for that? Or a community? Logo's are supposed to
be static, so I guess this platform (server, whatever, i'm no techy, dont
catch me on this :) ) could be non-editable.

I think the idea is not as weird as it sounds. There is no need for a
Wiki-environment at all for the logo's, it would solve the contradiction and
make sure that the images are not deleted by accident (as happened a while
ago with the Wikibooks logo hosted on Commons, before the restoring of
images possibility (auch) and as well with some other logo's which were
forgotten to be replaced by the "superior" svg), but that is obviously not
the main reason.

However, I do agree with brianna that it makes things maybe even more
complicated. The category contains over 1500 images. Those are not all
logo's of the 9 projects Wikimedia has with all localization. Maybe we have
500 projects, so still 1000 left... Of course that is caused by logo
proposals and several sizes of the same image. Such a server would make
these proposal contests impossible. (Is that bad? I don't know...) But the
proposal is not "silly enough to use caps" if you think about it. It is a
serious proposal, with serious argumentation, please look seriously at it
then :) If you come to the conclusion it is not good, fine, but please be

Anyway, although I think it is a serious and good proposal, I think as well
that it brings more disadvantages then advantages compared with the current
situation. But it is also the least worse scenario when we really would have
to change the current way of acting.

BR, Lodewijk

2007/8/24, Ayelie <ayelie.at.large op gmail.com>:
> On 8/24/07, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell op gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > On 8/24/07, Ayelie <ayelie.at.large op gmail.com> wrote:
> > > I also support the rest of Brianna's statement. WMF is allowed to use
> > its
> > > own project for purposes such as hosting its own copyrighted logos,
> and
> > we
> > > have very obvious licenses for such cases. Creating a whole new
> project
> > just
> > > for logos, which would have to be monitored and administered to ensure
> > that
> > > only valid logos are uploaded, etc., would be a pain and is utterly
> > > pointless when WMF already has Commons.
> >
> > Creating a whole new project for WMF logos is caps-worthy silly.
> > Creating a new one for non-WMF non-free logos is probably silly to,
> > but it's MUCH better than forcing commons to take them.
> >
> > Both things have been discussed here, so lets be clear about which
> > ones were talking about.
> Yes, pardon me. "Creating a whole new project just for *WMF* logos". I was
> not speaking about non-free non-WMF logos. :)
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