[Foundation-l] [Wikinews-l] Proposal for the creation of a Wikinews foundation

Craig Spurrier craig at craigweb.net
Wed Aug 22 14:34:16 UTC 2007

Brian McNeil wrote:
> Wikinews Reporters' Association?
> Wikinews Reporters' Union? (preferred choice as per UK's NUJ).
The problem with each of these names is that it puts the person roughly 
in the same spot as far as claiming to come from a news organization vs 
a reporters membership organization/ the community. There are several 
reporter membership organizations that we can join, these however offer 
no benefit when trying to get into an event. I believe names like the 
Wikinews foundation or Wikinews Association would serve us best.
> Per my name suggestions above, and from writing this before catching up on
> foundation-l, I'd say we don't just want to look at the possibility of a
> non-profit. I am aware there is some stigma attached to the word "union" in
> some circles, particularly in the U.S., but how does such an organisation
> differ from a non-profit? My thoughts are that a union is more meant to
> represent its members - and that is what we want.
A union at least in the US has a very different sort of meaning then a 
non-profit. Unions are primarily focused on collective bargaining and 
providing benefits to members such as unemployment and health insurance. 
While the foundation I proposed certainly is designed to represent its 
members, for it to be useful it must be seen as a organization in its 
self. Unions do also as you pointed out have a stigma in the US. We can 
completely avoid this stigma as what I am proposing only very loosely 
meets the definition of a union.
-Craig Spurrier
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