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jason safoutin cute24minbflo at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 20:32:15 UTC 2007

>Oh lets see... How about the little detail that without confirming
>evidence there is no reason to believe that an edit made from a Fox IP
>was an action endorsed by Fox?

>With the widespread existence of things like open wireless access
>points we can't even be sure if any particular edit was made by
>someone employed by For or even using a Fox owned computer.
>Yet the Wikinews article seems to happily go on and describe every
>action coming from a company IP was an action of that company.
>"the BBC had edited", "FOX News, and its parent company, News
>Corporation had a history of unproductive edits" "FOX also edited"
>"the CIA had been editing" "FOX's edits" "AP had made a few edits"

>So would you also say that countless other Wiki(p|m)edians are 
>on behalf of their employers every time they edit from home and forget
>to log out of their VPN? When they edit during a coffee break?
>Is the only thing protecting me of an accusation of "Greg's employer
>defends Fox in Wikipedia Whitewashing scandal" the fact that Gmail
>doesn't send IP addresses?

>It's sad to see us peddling the same sort of irresponsible journalism
>that we've seen from the commercial market on this matter. At least in
>their cases we can give them a pass due to a lack of understanding of
>the technology.

>Whats your excuse?

My excuse...Do you know how IP address work? ONLY individuals employed by FOX News Channel, or News Corp have access to those IP addresses. ONLY employees are the ones who can log onto the internet with those IPs.

Its simple. FOX News employees made the edits, as the tool says, under FOX News IP addresses, only able tp be used by employees. I or you or anyone else is not able to log onto the internet and use their IP ranges. That is impossible. This is not whitewashing. We did more than FOX. We did the AP, Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, and BBC. and all of those agencies, with the exception of FOX News were realitively clean in terms of edits.

You see, before slam Wikinews and whitewash us, maybe you need to use the WikiScanner tool and understand how it works and also understand how IPs work as well.

Jason Safoutin, Wikinews writer, administrator.

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