[Foundation-l] Alternative to paypal

Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 10:08:28 UTC 2007

Delirium wrote:
> Florence Devouard wrote:
>>>> Perhaps at some point in the future they'll do a reevaluation and choose
>>>> a new set of two online payment systems (maybe moneybookers is no longer
>>>> the best 2nd choice?), but I don't think it's likely that Wikimedia will
>>>> ever want the hassle of simultaneously supporting a large number of them,
>>>> Of course, I speak as someone with no particular knowledge of the
>>>> foundation's inner workings; these are just my observations of past
>>>> practice.
>>>> -Mark
>> Bordering trolling in your observations nevertheless.
> Huh? I don't see what prompted this personal attack. I was replying to a 
> suggestion that we add Yet Another Payment System with a guess that the 
> Foundation won't do so because it's a huge hassle to simultaneously 
> support a lot of payment systems, and there's little benefit from doing 
> so, and that's why similar suggestions in the past haven't been 
> accepted. How is that "trolling"?
> -Mark

"quoting" someone whilst removing the background of an issue, and the 
comments to which the person was answering, is really not nice Mark. I 
would prefer you avoid doing that.

In this case, my sentence was not an answer to one of your comments, so 
you have no reason to feel attacked. I have no memory of you trolling in 
the past. You often are very passionate about some issues, but I do not 
remember you saying things just to offend people. What you wrote in that 
discussion was fair and I have nothing to comment, and no reason to read 
that as trolling behavior from your part.

My comment was attached to Uber comment, which was, for memory

"Do the board members really not have enough time to do this, if they
don't then they shouldn't be board members. It would take a few
minutes every week or month - not much time to ask."

This sentence is, from my perspective, an attack on board members. When 
I read this sentence, I feel no "constructive" comment. I only read 
nasty criticism. It is not the job of the board to change payment system 
from Paypal to another. And implying that not spending just a few 
minutes a week to fix paypal system is ground for removal of a board 
member, just reveal a total misunderstanding of the role of a board 
member, and an attempt to pain people. I think we are all together in 
the same story. Our goal should not to hit on each other each time 
something is not working as well as we would wish. I am more than happy 
to help when I have time, when I have the ability, when I think it makes 
sense. But I think it should always be with the assumption of good faith 
from all parties. There is no good faith in Uber comment.


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