[Foundation-l] could we please have a community-l?

FloNight sydney.poore at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 13:54:54 UTC 2007

Angela and Brianna,

The Meta mailing list would be perfect. I think the description of the list
should include the word community to help get the point accross that it is
for broad community discussions.

Thinking about this more since Brianna suggested it, I think re-focusing the
Foundation mailing list toward Board related matter would be a good idea.
Since the list has served a broader purpose up to now, I'm not completely
sure  will happen as old habits are hard to break. But I think it is worth a


On 8/11/07, Angela <beesley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Brianna wrote:
> > - Hi, I'm trying to help my wiki in language X grow, do you have any
> > ideas about how to do it?
> > - Hi Wikimedians, do you think 3RR should be a policy on every wiki?
> > Why or why not?
> > - Hi other projects, I'm curious to get impressions about how other
> > projects deal with 'difficult users'. We have a user who does X and we
> > don't quite want to block him, because he makes useful edits, but the
> > way he relates to other people is causing friction. any ideas?
> If you were going to ask those questions on a wiki, it would be
> meta.wikimedia.org, so perhaps the right mailing list for that is also
> the meta mailing list rather than community-l? There's a
> not-yet-official list for Meta at
> <http://mail.lists.wikipedia.be/mailman/listinfo/meta-l_lists.wikipedia.be
> >.
> It hasn't been widely promoted and only has 29 subscribers so far.
> There's a request for Wikimedia to host that list at
> <http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10098>.
> Angela

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