[Foundation-l] Future fate of Siberian Wikipedia

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 18:01:16 UTC 2007

According to the experience from past cases, the only decisions in
relation to such cases had been made by Jimmy/Board or Language
SubCom. According to that, there are some options to solve the

- Jimmy shouldn't make any personal decision in such cases. However,
Board may do that.
- Language SubCom shouldn't have power to close some project, so
possible solution here is: Language SubCom suggests something, then
Board makes decision according to this suggestion as well as according
to all other circumstances.
- Maybe the best solution is to introduce Wikimedia-wide voting in
such cases: Like as voting for the Board, people from all communities
will be called to vote about this issue. Personally, I think that
introduction of such polls will push forward our community.

The good thing is that, thanks to creation of Language SubCom, we will
never have any Siberian Wikipedia more.

On 7/31/07, Johannes Rohr <jorohr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> while I understand that nobody is keen to get dragged into the
> controversy over the "Siberian" Wikipedia[1] I still feel that some
> sort of a solution should be envisaged, even if currently there is no
> such body as a meta arbitration committee, that would have the formal
> authority to handle this case.
> The Siberian Wikipedia is composed in a non-notable constructed
> language, which has absolutely no recognition by any relevant
> authority. It is loosely based on historical contemporary Russian
> dialects of Northern Russia and Siberia. Much of its content is
> non-encyclopaedic, some has been considered highly offensive by many
> Russians.
> Notable cases, where action has been taken with regard to
> non-encyclopaedic Wikipedias in conlangs or Wikipedias in non-notable
> conlangs include the Klingon (thl) and Toki Pona (tokipona)
> editions. Both have been eventually relocated to wikia, where their
> authors have every freedom and opportunity to continue their projects
> as they see fit.
> Unless there are double-standards, the same solution should be applied
> to the ru-sib Wikipedia.
> Looking forward to your comments and opinions (if you have any),
> Johannes
> Footnotes:
> [1]  http://meta.wikimedia.org/Proposals_for_closing_projects/Closure_of_Siberian_Wikipedia
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> http://www.infoe.de/
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