[Foundation-l] Proposal for a procedure for the closure of projects

GerardM gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 09:05:46 UTC 2007

We have been working on a procedure for the closure of projects for some
time. The reason for this is that the language committee has been asked to
do this for several projects. It is not something we liked to do as it will
not gain us any popularity. However, we hope that having a proper procedure
will help us all.

Key points:

   - Language committee deals primarily with language issues.
   - The process will take at least a month, this should allow for a
   resolution of the issue in the meantime without getting any official
   - We define a need for a "Meta Arbitration Committee", we have not
   defined it as such
   - When it is within the remit of the language committee to decide for
   the end of a project, it will be possible to appeal a decision by the "Meta
   Arbitration Committee"
   - When it is accepted that a project is to end, there will be a
   proposal to the board for consideration
   - Requesting the end of a project is not a zero sum game, it can go
   the other way and result in sanctions against the person, group, project
   requesting it


PS In the ideas of the Language committee the Kanuri language would go to
the Incubator.

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