[Foundation-l] Quick report from Yale A2K

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Sun Apr 29 22:30:32 UTC 2007

I've spent Fri-Sun at the Yale "Access to Knowledge" conference at
Yale Law School [*], where I gave a talk on the tech culture of
Wikipedia. It was interesting and probably worth coming, though of all
the buzzwords -- "free culture", "open access", "open content", etc.
-- A2K is probably the least coherent right now. That can be useful in
that it allows people associated with very different organizations and
projects to mingle.

I've had some good chats with folks from Internet Archive, Bibliotheca
Alexandrina, PLoS (free t-shirt!),  the open source initiatives in
South Africa, and other projects. I'm very interested in building
stronger connections with the open access movement in particular, and
I think we should be able to come up with a nice grant proposal within
the coming year or so -- things like integration of feeds from
journals, collaborative media filtering, connecting open access
publications with relevant Wikipedia articles, etc.

I had a chance to chat with two Advisory Board members, Ethan
Zuckerman and Achal Prabhala, and also met with Sage Ross, a very nice
Wikipedian who studies at Yale. His blog is recommended reading:

Those interested in the conference can take a look at the wiki pages here:

[*] Expenses covered by Yale

Peace & Love,

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