[Foundation-l] Wikipedia:Office Actions

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Thu Apr 26 17:37:57 UTC 2007

Marco Chiesa wrote:

> My 2 cents. So far it appears that WP:OFFICE is a policy only 
> valid on en.wp, because that's where the policy is written. Now, 
> most of the people working on other projects have no clue of 
> en.wiki policies,

I think this discussion would benefit from a description of how 
things are done in the absense of such a written policy.  

Everybody who thinks about it for five seconds, must realize that 
the foundation board (with the help of employed technicians) has 
the ultimate control of the servers and can in fact do whatever 
they feel that they need to do, including turning off the power.  
Against this de facto control, all community voting is futile.  

So what has the de-facto WMF office done in those wikis that 
currently lack a written document for this?  How often do such 
things happen?  What kinds of conflict of interest appear?  How 
can a written policy help, as an alternative to that absense?

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