[Foundation-l] Wikipedia:Office Actions

Cary Bass cbass at wikimedia.org
Tue Apr 24 14:11:37 UTC 2007

Platonides wrote:
> No, it was in spanish (es.wikipedia), as you can see its references are 
> not on english. Wiki article was deleted.
>  > The point of discussion is: do we need to translate policies to other 
> languages.
>> What do you know/care about issues on projects in other languages ?
> We don't need to publish it on every project. It encourages "whingering 
> at Jimmy Wales talk page" (to the office in this case).
Don't forget, you can whine at Sandra O. (and me, to a lesser extent) in 

/me cringes at the thought of "WP:OFICINA" ...     :) 


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