[Foundation-l] Wikipedia:Office Actions

Peter van Londen londenp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 06:45:33 UTC 2007

And probably to discuss it and possibly to propose changes.

There might be a language problem, for this policy to take effect, if the
discussed content can not be read by the Office.

One of the reasons this policy has not been translated and used on other
Wikimeda-projects, is that the foundation has authority (which is also
guarded by the local admins, bureaucrats and stewards) without a written
policy to back that up. If there is no need for a written policy, I think
this having on other wikimedia-projects is not really necessary. The less
rules the better.

Kind regards, Peter van Londen

2007/4/24, Florence Devouard <Anthere9 op yahoo.com>:
> No, the problem is that the projects aside from the english wikipedia
> have never been informed of this policy, it has never been translated,
> and there is no implementation procedure.
> If there is an issue tomorrow on the japenese wikipedian, and cary, on
> our request, go there and edit/protect the page, and put an WP:OFFICE in
> the comment box, and point out to the policy on the english wikipedia,
> do you really believe that "it will just do" ?
> We need a more general policy on meta, and communities need to be
> informed of it.
> Ant
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