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Kat Walsh kat at mindspillage.org
Tue Apr 24 02:05:14 UTC 2007

On 4/23/07, Casey Brown <cbrown1023 at comcast.net> wrote:
> For those who do not know,
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Office_Actions.
> This policy has been mislabeled "Wikimedia-wide" official policy until last
> evening (EST) when Anthere and I (Cbrown1023) cleaned up the page and
> brought it up to date.  Currently, it is just "Wikimedia" official policy.
> There is no doubt by any that the Office cannot do anything it wants
> (basically what this policy states) but the part that needs to be clarified
> is if it really is "Wikimedia-wide".  Recently, we declined two requests on
> Meta to move or transwiki the policy page to Meta because it is labeled as
> "Wikimedia-wide official policy", but we denied it because it is not in use
> on all of Wikimedia and it appears that it was not intended for use outside
> of the English Wikipedia at its creation.

Er, why would this only apply to the English Wikipedia?

If there is a serious reason why some action needs to be taken on the
content of the projects, that applies no matter which site it is on,
and the office staff all have the good sense and professional
responsibility to take the appropriate actions with it.

Most of the time this sort of action has been necessary so far, it has
been on the English Wikipedia, so it makes sense to have a description
of what is going on there. If some projects want to give it a policy
name and a template and others don't want to, I suppose that's a
matter of choice, but I don't think that makes a real difference as to
what will actually be done if it needs to happen, and I do think it's
best to explain it on your local community.


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