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The page is http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Www.wikipedia.org_template and
you could post a request on the talk page or [[Meta:Babel]]/[[Metapub]]...

When Wikipedias cross the threshold, they should report it themselves like
you are doing it right now... it is hard to monitor all those wikis.

Whenever I add Inuktitut to the list, it does not seem to work.  Can someone
else try it?


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I've heard that someone on this list is responsible for the content on
http://wikipedia.org, is that right? If yes, I would like to have
added the Inuktitut Wikipedia (abbrev. iu) in the 100+ list. It even
reaches 200 articles soon (though many of them only have substub
status yet). Maybe other wikis grew across the list boundaries as
well. (hopefully :o) ) Someone could check that and actualize the "WP
main entrance". If you are not responsible for that page, please send
me a message (on my Meta talk page, or via email), who is.

Thank you in advance,
Thomas Goldammer.
[[w:de:Benutzer:Thomas Goldammer]]

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