[Foundation-l] What are the assets of the Foundation, anyway?

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Wed Apr 18 23:36:07 UTC 2007

Sorry, but that just doesnt cut it. I know all these things, I know a lot  
got done, and I know how long it took to do it. In fact, I participated in many  
of them in one way or another. What it boils down to is that the primary  
responsibility of the Board is fiduciary. Risk management falls under that  
category. Saying "we were busy" does not release anyone from responsibility. 
I am reminded of the Board and Chapter meeting in Frankfurt this past  
autumn, especially when Mitch asked, "Who is willing to take responsibility?" No  
one raised their hands then, and no one seems to be raising their hands now. 
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erik at wikimedia.org writes:

As you  know, Legal Counsel and Interim ED were one and the same person
from June  2006 - January 2007. Before then, the WMF did not employ a
Legal Counsel  _or_ an Executive Director. A lot of work _did_ get done
in this time  period, including but not limited to:
- Bylaws reform and Board  expansion
- Mission & Vision statement of WMF developed
- Largest  fundraiser of WMF to date
- Audited financial statements released
-  Hardware purchases and renegotiated contracts
- Identifying a Search  Committee to work with on the ED Search
- Hiring several new key staff  members
- Progress on international chapter setup and trademark  agreements

Then there was the media crisis of the day, legal threats,  conflicts
between staff members, the usual stuff -- but it culminated in  your
and Brad's resignation for different reasons. I agree  that
investigating and implementing a risk management strategy is a  very
high priority. It is not necessarily the highest, and in my  opinion
will be the result of a process over several months that  should
involve chapter representatives and some of the best cyberlaw  experts
we can find.
Peace &  Love,

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