[Foundation-l] Adminship tools on Commons

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Sun Apr 15 00:39:32 UTC 2007

I really don't need to comment this,  you are right as others on this, I 
just wanted to help and to show solution how he can make translation 
without sysop privilege, and that hot reactions could be just reaction 
from non-understanding - bad communication nothing more.


Maria Fanucchi wrote:
> I don't think anyone is having problems communicating, Darko. I think the
> problem is in the understanding - in this case, of what is required of
> someone who wants to become a sysop, either on Commons or on any of the
> other Wikimedia projects.
> A snip from Editor At Large's message (well, one of them, anyway):
> "While an admin may be greatly admired, trusted, loved, etc. on
> another-language project it doesn't mean they will have the knowledge that
> Commons requires for dealing with our particular issues."
> This goes for all Wikimedia projects, not just Commons.
> Admins are more comfortable in "their" project(s) because they know its ins
> and outs, its dynamic, its conflicts, weaknesses and strengths. Yoni may be
> a wonderful admin on he:wp, but he really doesn't know very much at all
> about Commons, as he himself stated in his second RfA : "I would also like
> some informtaion on the translation process." That comment itself is enough
> for me to oppose his becoming an admin. You must really involve yourself in
> the community before asking for any kind of status - admin, bureaucrat,
> member of the ArbCom, etc. Otherwise, you risk making mistakes on a larger
> scale than a beginner with no special status - for you would be a beginner,
> but a beginner with all the buttons and privileges of an admin.
> Have I been clear enough? I'm not very good at resuming my thoughts. I tend
> to ramble quite a bit...
> --Maria Fanucchi
> User:Arria Belli
> On 4/15/07, Darko Bulatovic <mail at itam.ws> wrote:
>> Maria Fanucchi wrote:
>>> I couldn't agree more with Thomas Dalton's message. Though frankly,
>> given
>>> Yonidebest's attitude on the vote page and on this mailing list, I don't
>>> think I'd vote for him any time in the future if he tried again.
>>> --Maria Fanucchi
>>> User:Arria Belli
>> People,
>> I think that you really have communication problems.
>> I am seeing to much of it this days.
>> Darko
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