[Foundation-l] Adminship tools on Commons

Pedro Sanchez pdsanchez at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 18:59:06 UTC 2007

On 4/14/07, Darko Bulatovic <mail at itam.ws> wrote:
> I understand situation, but its look to me unpractical that sysops only
> can participate in translation process. Specially that they have lot of
> duties, and it can be lot of easier for them just to verify translation.
> Hope to be of help
> Darko

The point is that NOT only sysops can participate.
Anybody can copy the original text, translate it and paste it on the talk page.

There's also a LOT of places that need translation other than
interface. He could start helping in those places to show he's really
interested in helping commons as he says, and after that and commons
community sees he's helpful he could get the sysop bit

But coming out of nowhere and demanding sysop as his right, it's the
wrong approach. He may offer a compromise, but he's not getting sysop
unless he shows he's able and willing to work with our community in a
smooth way.

1. Transalte interfaces first by posting to talk pages (he does not
need sysop for this)
2. Translating other material that also doesn't needs sysop bit

Each project is independent, so no matter how much hewiki people want
to support him, they don't get a say, just like people from eswiki
can't go itwiki and demand I become a sysop on itwiki.

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