[Foundation-l] Adminship tools on Commons

Casey Brown cbrown1023 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 14 17:44:11 UTC 2007

Well, this whole thing is a lot "less efficient" then just accepting it like
most users.


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On 4/14/07, Yoni Weiden <yonidebest at gmail.com> wrote:
> I disagree. I think I am entitled to use the tools Wikimedia can offer in
> order to translate the site. There is not reason to reject a temoprary
> adminship, to say the least.
> Yoni

First off, you aren't ''entitled'' to anything, none of us are...
However, I'm thrilled that we have another person who is interested in
performing translations, and I would welcome your help.

However, you have no established track record of translation on commons.

There are a great many things which desperately need translation. For
example, almost none of our featured pictures have descriptions in
Hebrew.  You do not need adminship to make such translations.  On the
other hand, most of the user interface is already translated and we
already have several other hebrew speaking administrators who are
pretty responsive at providing translations on request.

For protected pages you can easily provide translations on talk pages,
and other admins will gladly copy them in. Yet you are unwilling to do
this because it is "less efficient".. What impression should that give
us?  Will you start undeleting copyright infringing images because
keeping them deleted is "less efficient"?  We can't tell because you
lack a track record and have demonstrated a level of disinterest in
working with the commons community.

These concerns were pointed out during your previous RFA, and rather
than correcting them you have decided to flood commons RFA with near
total outsiders. This is unacceptable.

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