[Foundation-l] Language subcommittee vs Montenegrin language - show time over again

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Fri Apr 13 07:33:50 UTC 2007

Read my post on foundation list from 2 December - there we stated what 
you should do.

The decision was and still is: Montenegrin can happily co-exist on one 
wikipedia with Serbian. If it is a matter of script: automatic 
conversion can be implemented like it is done for other wikipedias. 
Montenegrin is being requested because of political reasons and that is 
understandable quite clearly from various posts about the request on 
foundation list.

We deal with languages, not with politics.

So I repeat one sentence of my post in December:
So please: instead of going ahead creating unneccessary problems, help 
to find a way to integrate people on the Serbian wikipedia.

We haveONE English wikipedia, ONE German wikipedia, ONE Chinese 
wikipedia, ONE Spanish wikipedia, ONE Portuguese wikipedia etc. and they 
all are able to co-operate within their variations - so we simply expect 
the same from you.

/me going back to work.

Thank you!


Darko Bulatovic schrieb:
> Hello to all,
> In December 2006, I have asked members of language subcommittee to 
> elaborate their decision regarding refusal of Montenegrin request, but 
> by today I didn't receive any. I will not go in depth here what kind 
> arguments members used at that time, you can check archive, surely they 
> didn't gave any evidence which could their decision make justified.
> My question is how subcommittee plan to deal with other cases on Balkan, 
> or they just serve daily  politic? to not make angry people specially 
> ones that have Wikimedia chapter. Also from this derivate  question  how 
> they will deal with other similar cases around world where languages are 
> similar -  specially slovens languages.
> I think that approach  members of LSC use is quite bad and misleading. I 
> will give example. Never less on every Montenegrin request we have 
> dozens of "Serbians" ( who just use wikimedia to promote their political 
> opinions which are negation on anything that has Montenegrin name on it. 
> quotes on "Serbians" mean that they are just politically and by job 
> Serbs. Not full time Serbs, to which I have high respect. ), we find 
> that on some languages has bean approved with no debate and with only 
> few people which state they will contribute to wikipedia on that 
> language. It really looks silly when we from Montenegro see that.
> Negative effects of this approach from members of LSC in Montenegro is 
> quite destructive. Instead of getting support to develop network of 
> collaboration we get wall from largest community which ideology is:
> "Wikimedia Foundation's goal is giving every single person free, 
> unbiased access to the sum of all human knowledge"
> Funny indeed. It was that funny that we have lost people which was 
> interest in this project, time and great deal of enthusiasm.
> On time when Montenegro gets internationally recognized language by 
> political means (ISO, etc) I am sure that members of LSC will not have 
> this obvious hard problem with their professional opinions and arguments 
> which are partly based on TV set manuals and so on.
> Thank you for your time and I hope that you will not have bad sleep as I 
> did trying to figure how such things are possible along people with such 
> great guidelines from whom I have drawn my ideas.
> Thanks again,
> Darko
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