[Foundation-l] models for adminship/wiki leadership

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 10:56:44 UTC 2007

Delphine Ménard wrote:

> I know there is a technical barrier for that now, but I seem to
> remember hearing that it could be pretty easily lifted.
> An idea. (you did ask for ideas too Brianna, didn't you? :-D)
> Delphine

Not really. Permissions are already different, only that sysophood gives 
all of them at once. You would only need to create one group per function.
So you could have some guys which can only block, others to edit the 
MediaWiki: namespace, others to delete pages, others to restore them, 
others to protect pages, others to rollback...
Can be a nightmare, but if you think it can help...

For example, i don't see why a "blocker" couldn't protect a page. 
Instead of going to a "protecter" to ask to protect the being vandalized 
page, he will block, as it's easier for him though not neccesary better.

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