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I'm sure Wikimedians have some *marvellous* ideas for this one. You
have two weeks!

- d.

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This came through to me from the Freeculture.org mailing list, thought
you might be interested: (Hi, btw!)


April 26, 2007 is World Intellectual Property Day, as declared by our
friends at WIPO. The theme for 2007 is "Encouraging Creativity" --


I encourage all free culture advocates to organize activities in
proximity to IP Day with the theme: "Encouraging Creativity: Are We?"

Rather than a self-congratulatory pat on the back, modern intellectual
property regimes deserve critical examination -- and, some argue, a kick
in the ass. This crucial public policy issue should invite tempered
deliberation and public participation, not grandstanding and finger-wagging.

If you have a local CopyNight meet-up in your town, this would be a
great theme for April. (Most CopyNights meet on the 4th Tuesday of the
month, which would be April 24, just two days before IP Day.)

If not, you could organize some other event -- or just get together with
a group of friends at your favorite bar or cafe.

Don't forget: WIPO says, "Member States and organizations are encouraged
to send brief reports of the events and activities organized in their
country to celebrate World IP Day." So be sure to send them an
announcement of your event. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear.



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