[Foundation-l] A successful request not yet fulfilled

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 07:46:38 UTC 2007

Ray Saintonge schreef:
> Yann Forget wrote:
>> Hello,
>>> On 4/2/07, *Birgitte SB* wrote:
>>>    Due to past conversations I have had with people
>>>    involved with incubator, I read the comment about
>>>    "merging processes" differently than you did.  Perhaps
>>>    I am mistaken, and that is not what was meant in this
>>>    case.
>> This clearly shows the misunderstanding of what Wikisource is and what
>> [[:oldwikisource:]] is meant for.
>> Although some Wikipedias will remain small for a long time because of
>> lack of contributors, some Wikisources will never get more than a few
>> dozen or hundreds of pages, simply because the original content in that
>> language doesn't exist. Another example is Sanskrit (a bit more than
>> 1700 pages) which could qualify to have its own subdomain because of the
>> amount of content, but does not because of lack of contributors.
>> Although we could dream to have the whole of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo
>> translated in Sanskrit, the quantity of existing Sanskrit texts will
>> never be more than a few thousand pages. For some other languages, it
>> will ever be much less, so creating and *maintaining* a wiki for only a
>> few pages is quite a waste of work and time. That's why
>> [[:oldwikisource:]] exists and will continue to do so. In that sense,
>> this interwiki name is also badly chosen.
> Of course the fundamental difference is that a Wikipedia is there for 
> the benefit of those who currently write in and work in that language.  
> A Wikisource contains texts in its language even if it is a dead 
> language.  Old English texts do not need a complete interface in Old 
> English.
> Ec
You have a point.

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