[Foundation-l] Rob Levin of irc.freenode.net has passed away :-(

Erik Moeller eloquence at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 22:16:31 UTC 2006

According to operators of FreeNode.net, Rob Levin, who was the
President of the Peer-Directer Projects Center which operates
irc.freenode.net, has passed away in an accident. Slashdot has a
summary here:

I've only interacted with lilo (his IRC nickname) a few times, but I
have a long time connection to the FreeNode community. About 6 years
ago, when it was still known as openprojects.net, I created a channel
there for a website which I run. It grew very rapidly and then moved
to another network, but I stayed with OpenProjects/FreeNode, where we
started the #wikipedia IRC channel in December 2001.

Back then, it was often only 3 or 4 people who would hang out
occasionally, while I'm now counting 263 people on the channel.  Since
then, the Wikimedia community has created countless other channels on
the FreeNode network, which are invaluable to our commmunity on so
many levels. Every now and then lilo would drop in and see how it

Rob Levin was very much part of the fabric of FreeNode, and he helped
turn it into a place that is generally pleasant and vibrant, a home
for many, many open source and free content projects.

Fortunately, FreeNode will continue to operate. Truly, this vast
international communication network is a powerful legacy. But lilo had
many more ideas, and the passion and intellect to pursue them. His
passing is a great blow to all who knew him and who worked with him,
and a fatal personal loss for his loved ones.

I will miss him. :.-(
Peace & Love,

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