[Foundation-l] Sep11Wiki cleanup effort closed; wiki locked again

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Mon Oct 30 18:10:59 UTC 2006

Domain www.sep11memories.org has been reactivated.
Site has been fully upgraded to MediaWiki 1.8.2 and is active. I will 
post the
XML dumps identified by Erik at the next pass of the database dumps.


Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

>Erik Moeller wrote:
>>Thanks to the amazing efforts of many volunteers -- Fang Ali,
>>Timichal, Timrem, Draicone, Lorenzarius, Ore4444, Trodel, Cool Cat,
>>and possibly others -- the Sep11Wiki has been pushed into a shape that
>>I think it can be published independently as a static website,
>>including a new logo. As I've mentioned before, Jeff Merkey has
>>volunteered to host it at sep11memories.org. Hopefully, the wiki will
>>be moved in the next few days; it is now again locked for editing.
>The new wiki and domain can be brought online immediately as soon as you 
>me to do so.
>I am ready to receive the content and will post the newest dump. Please 
>let me know
>which XML dump to post and I will move and maintain the site 
>indefinitely. Also,
>I will mail the WikiSysop passwords to Danny, Brad, and yourself and you 
>may appoint
>others at your discretion to oversee and manage the site remotely if needed.
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