[Foundation-l] Report from Frankfurt - October 2006

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at pobox.com
Mon Oct 30 15:35:22 UTC 2006

At 07:51 -0500 29/10/06, daniwo59 at aol.com wrote:
>Actually, we have always had them. As a not fo profit in the United States, 
>we are required to have a mission statement, because we are accepting  money.
>People have a right to know what they are giving money to, and that is  laid
>out in the mission statement.
>For instance, Wikimedia cannot decide to spend 100,000 euros on  sending food
>to Darfur because--even though it is a worthy cause--it lies  outside the
>scope of our mission. This helps to ensure to our donors that the  money they
>give us us used specifically for the development and spread of free

Same in the UK. Charities must have set of objectives (called "objects").




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