[Foundation-l] THE SWOT

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 22:12:41 UTC 2006

23 people
15 mission/vision (Jimmy in particular-3)
15 outside perception, recognised brand, market leader
13 organisation
11 multiculturalism/lingualism
9 content
6 technology
5 financial - donations easy and reliable
less reflection as an organisation
less communication

24 lack of structure (management not adapted)
15 poor processes/delegation/decision making
13 communication
8 lack of trust
6 unfocused direction, lack of planning or strategic vision
6 finances, donor relationships
divided opinions on board members
lack of responsability
reflection of organisation

18 money
9 internet penetration (more users coming)
7 good will
7 free culture mouvement success
6 educational penetration
6 global village
5 support of free culture mouvement
4 media and political interest
4 content liberation
3 technology
2 hiring pool

16 legal
12 unmanaged growth
9 fragmentation of the general organisation
6 financial stability
6 competition
internal communication


Numbers represent number of people who listed this (or something 
Reminder: this is the SWOT of the WMF (not of a project)

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