[Foundation-l] Report from Frankfurt - October 2006

Erik Zachte erikzachte at infodisiac.com
Sat Oct 28 21:54:05 UTC 2006

Michael Snow
> As Anthere has alluded to, some of the results still need to be
> organized, discussed further, and agreements reached. The board retreat
> did not decide every course of action for the Wikimedia Foundation for
> all time. Much more will be shared and discussed with various people in
> various forums as we go forward. But we cannot recreate the entire
> retreat for everyone who wasn't present, or produce a three-day-long
> video for you to watch it all unfold.

Michael, you seem to say that I and maybe others are overasking. So let me
explain further what prompted me to ask for clarification.

I made an ironic remark myself about the Big Brother house setting,
implicating by stating the opposite that really, I am not asking to watch a
real life soap. Part of the dynamics of this meeting were obviously on an
interpersonal level. That requires intimacy. I fully respect that.

Even for the pure exchange of opinions I am not asking for a verbatim

What I did plead for was to share analysis, conclusions, priority lists, in
short structured and condensated results, like SWOT and priority lists are
meant to be, so that others can be informed and provide feedback before
these are turned into decisions. After that who cares. That is the crucial

I've already assured that this is still going to happen, but since you seem
to think I have extreme demands, I'd better explain in this mail.

Erik Zachte

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