[Foundation-l] Board officers elected; Anthere is Chair!

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Sat Oct 28 15:49:16 UTC 2006

Considering your new position, dear Jimbo, I think that you will have 
more free time to meet Italian and Swiss chapters.

I know that you like good food and good wine and for this reason I 
think that you have never known Italy or Switzerland very well 
otherwise you would like these regions ;)

We are waiting you.


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Damian Finol wrote:
> Speaking of world tours, I wonder if we will see anyone from the 
> touring South America some time soon? We are a continent too, and 
I bet 
> there are tons of people from many South American Countries 
> Chile, Argentina, Brazil) that would love to have a regional 
meeting and 
> meeting up with the WMF :P.

I was in Brazil twice this year, and plan to visit South America 
next year at least once or twice.  I understand that a Venezuelan 
chapter may be in the process of forming, and I would love to visit 
a launch event of that...

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