[Foundation-l] Report from Frankfurt - October 2006

Erik Zachte erikzachte at infodisiac.com
Sat Oct 28 00:35:59 UTC 2006

> you may not be aware of this, but my report is designed to be the
> first in a
> series of updates, designed for quick delivery and some comprehensive
> information about the retreat, details will of course follow, but not just
> by me. this takes time, people!!

Oscar, I can understand you feel offended. Yet I hope you understand that I
can't sense the above without you giving any hint in your original post that
this was an initial and incomplete report only.

You were asked to act as official messenger. You delivered the message, or
so it seemed. I asked for more. Would you have added something like 'More to
come..' I would have reacted differently or quite possibly not at all yet.

Cheers, Erik Zachte

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