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My heroes.

I hope you tackle wikipedia-l next.  A bit more traffic, but worth it,
and also in spirit a multilingual list.  And you can perhaps gain
economies of scale from the longer average thread length.


On 10/23/06, Pat Gunn <pgunn at dachte.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> As some of you may have noticed, I, along with a few
> volunteers who showed up, now have LSS (List Summary Service)
> going for foundation-l in English, French, and Spanish:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/LSS
> Earlier when I announced it, I said I'd like to wait to get
> used to the workload before I took on any other lists. I'm
> pretty comfortable with the pace at this point, and would
> be willing to take on another list with roughly the same
> volume -- if anyone can suggest another list important to
> the community that's not too much bigger, I'll start on
> it. If anyone has ideas on how to get more eyes on the
> list summaries, feel free to put them into practice.
> I can't speak for the volunteers willingness to take on
> more translation, but I suspect that foundation-l is the
> most important list, for community relations, to translate
> anyhow (and that translated versions are actually more important
> than the English edition because they improve trust between the
> other-language communities and the English-dominated foundation
> folk). The people who stepped up so far are, from the Spanish
> Wikipedia, FAR and Cinabrium, and from the French Wikipedia,
> (:Julien:) and Teofilo (with a few smaller edits from other folk).
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