[Foundation-l] UMP Convention

Valentina Faussone valentina_faussone at yahoo.it
Fri Oct 6 09:29:30 UTC 2006

> We've leveled off in terms of growth (it's still
> there but not at the
> rate it used to be). Unless we come up with
> something new (a way to
> make commons effectively searchable might be one) we
> may have pretty
> much reached our natural level of webpresence.
> If that is the case it may be time to look to other
> areas. Mobile
> phones. Book form. Provideing stock photos and
> information for non
> profits (and to a degree profits).

Nice ideas. May I point out that the quality level of
wikipedia articles is far more effective than the
quality of many pictures we upload on commons?
That is to say, the guys on commons are running a very
important project and they challenge a great effort,
but maybe we should all focus on providing better
quality photos, and not just *more* photos. Many of
them are dark, dull and with ugly subjects: that is a
great minus for some subjects (like food) than for
Plus I totally and entusiastically agree on making
commons searchable like any other image bank.
It's pointless having a treasure if you don't know how
to find it out.


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