[Foundation-l] FUCK OFF!

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Mon Oct 2 13:46:07 UTC 2006

>The current issue is that apparently on the Dutch Wikipedia proposing
>that some page should be deleted is enough to be flamed at. Definitely
>flaming *all* such people at once on the village pump seems to be
>acceptable behavior. Well, as said, I am of the opinion that there are
>things that don't belong on Wikipedia. But I seem to be in the
>minority. Rather than eating up myself and get flamed, I prefer to
>step out.
Well Andre ..... both of us have tried to stop many many many times. But 
each time we come back. I guess both of us are to addicted to well and 
truly leave, after some time we always come back it is either that or we 
just like self flagellation to much.


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