[Foundation-l] Taipei chosen to host Wikimania 2007

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at pobox.com
Sun Oct 1 09:36:42 UTC 2006

At 14:22 +0200 25/9/06, Gatto Nero wrote:
>2006/9/25, Gordon Joly <gordon.joly at pobox.com>:
>>  It was almost certain that a decent bid from Asia would be successful.
>>  We look forward to Wikimania 2007 and hope that Wikimania will swing
>>  back to Europe in 2008!
>>  Gordo
>Then why did they open a WorldWide Contest?
>They knew they were going to choose a city in Asia, then why
>shortlisting 3 city out of Asia (and only one in it)?
>That's ridicolous.
>If "turnation" was that important, they would have told in a very
>clear way by the begin: "We are gonna choose Asia, cities from Asia
>can make a bid. Others not".
>Gatto Nero
>(that's what I talk about when I use the verb "be fooled")

OK. My mistake. I guess I was aware of a the discussions being about 
rotating the venues.


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