[Foundation-l] Taipei chosen to host Wikimania 2007

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at pobox.com
Sun Oct 1 09:34:50 UTC 2006

At 22:20 +1000 25/9/06, Angela wrote:
>  > It was almost certain that a decent bid from Asia would be successful.
>No it wasn't and I wish people didn't have this misconception.
>All of the bids were considered against a range of criteria, not only
>location. Amongst many other factors, Taipei offered the venue and
>accommodation on a single site, and their organizing team had prior
>experience from running the Chinese Wikimania this year. It's unfair
>to them to suggest they only won because they're in Asia.
>If Asia was a sure winner from the start, we wouldn't have needed a
>meeting lasting more than 4 hours on Saturday to determine which city
>would be successful. A few people seem to think that the others were
>rejected purely for being in Europe, but that was not the case, and we
>would have said from the start if we were only accepting bids from
>other continents so as not to waste people's time.

I apologize for any suggestion that the Taipei team won on anything but merit.


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