[Foundation-l] Fundraising and Anonnotice

db djbaniel at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 17 02:27:09 UTC 2006

Look at the data:


1. This notice is not an effective means at raising
2. Having this notice up outside of the fund drives
may have a serious negative impact on the fund drives.
The next time it says, "Wikimedia needs your help" the
new instinctive reaction is, "Oh, they're always
asking for money".
3. If the individuals who maintain this notice insist
on having it up all the time, then, again, just look
at this data:

The conclusion here is that Jimmy's personal appeal is
FAR FAR more effective at raising funds.

Therefore: if enough people are insisting on keeping
this notice up, AT LEAST change the link back to
Jimmy's personal appeal until we find something else
that is even more effective. Not doing so is only
going to have a negative impact on long term
fundraising for Wikimedia.

The personal appeal is well written, sincere, and
effective. The general fundraising page leaves a lot
to be desired. Also, we should set it up so that
people can sign up for ongoing monthly donations, e.g.
$10 taken out of my PayPal account or credit card each

Also, the notice itself, stating, "Pleas read founder
Jimmy Wales personal appeal" is far more attractive to
the majority of nonregistered wikipedia users.

There is a comment on
by mav stating "(de-link month-old appeal as promised
and replace with 'Your [continued donations] keep
Wikipedia free!')"

I don't know where or to whom this was promised, and I
can assure you that the majority of nonregistered
users don't either.


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