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Below an overview on the upcoming IP conferences organised by the
Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue <www.tacd.org>. For more information,
please contact Ben Wallis <bwallis at consint.org>

TITLE: The Politics and Ideology of Intellectual Property
VENUE: Renaissance Hotel, Brussels, March 20-21, 2006

The conference will bring together a broad variety of political figures
and stakeholders to look at the thinking that drives current
intellectual property rule-making.

In recent years, intellectual property policy issues have gained higher
profiles in Europe and the United States, as debates over patenting of
software and business methods, copyright term extensions, the public
domain nature of the Human Genome Project, access to medicine,
peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, and other hot button issues have
attracted a wide public audience.

The TACD conference will provide an opportunity to stand back from
specific legislative proposals and consider the broader intellectual and
philosophical aspects of the debate. In particular, the meeting will
examine how the struggles over the control and ownership of the new
knowledge economy relates to our concepts of ideology, in party
political positions platforms and political rhetoric. It will also look
at the role of both the transparent and non-transparent lobbying of
government officials, opinion leaders and the public to build consensus
or support for different intellectual property rules.

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: - Philippe Aigrain, Peter Drahos, Tom Faunce, Hugh
Hansen, Susan Sell, Martin Khor, Bruce Lehman, David Hammerstein MEP,
Eva Lichtenberger MEP, Declan McCullagh, Florian Müller, Nicoletta Dentico

TITLE: IP Disputes of the Future
VENUE: American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington,
D.C., April 27-28, 2006

The conference will bring together experts in innovation, emerging
technologies and the digitally networked society to explore how
intellectual property (IP) rules will shape the world in the 21st century.

In recent years, intellectual property issues have gained higher
profiles, as debates over patenting of software and business methods,
copyright term extensions, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, and other
hot button issues have attracted a wide public audience. This conference
will ask what will be the IP disputes in new fields of technology, and
how advances in biotechnology and information technologies will change
the nature of IP disputes in areas such as for medicine, agriculture,
software, music, academic journals, databases.

Discussions will also focus on broader questions about how IP rules, in
the long term, will impact personal privacy, and whether they will
promote or undermine equality and fairness. What are the long-term
consequences of different models for protecting or supporting innovation
and creativity in terms of society? Are we headed into a world of
hyper-litigation and concentration of ownership of new knowledge?

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: Cory Doctorow, Ben Rosenbaum, James Gleick, Marc
Rotenberg (EPIC) and Susanne Lace (UK National Consumer Council)

TITLE: The future of creativity: changing relationships between
creators, consumers and citizens
VENUE: Oh 20eme, Paris, June 19-20, 2006

The goal is to bring people together (mainly representatives of creative
people and users) to look at new and existing social and business models
for the intermediary between the creative person and the consumer. This
would hopefully legitimize and elevate the status of new models of
intermediary that promote the access of users and ensure the livelihood
of the creators.

The conference will look at ideas that realign the livelihoods and
economic interest of the people that create works, with the people that
need access. The idea is to ensure that they're partners rather than

Ben Wallis
Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue Coordinator
Consumers International
24 Highbury Crescent
London N5 1RX
Tel: +44 20 7226 6663 Ext. 218

Consumers International is a federation of consumer organisations
dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumers' rights worldwide
through empowering national consumer groups and campaigning at the
international level. It currently represents 234 organisations in 113
countries. For more information, see: www.consumersinternational.org

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