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Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 19:31:13 UTC 2006

--- Anthere <Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Problem is Mav... Some members of the committees are neither board 
> members, nor officers, no members of chapters. They are just simply 
> themselves, good people we like and trust....

And when they become official members of a committee, then they will have an official role in the
organization. They will be trusted with at least one part of the organization. Thus they should
have to place where internal matters are worked on; internal wiki. Sounds like it will be possible
to make incidental viewing of things they don't need to view possible (yet hackable for some time
; but if they are trusted already, then we should be able to trust that they won't try to hack
into things they shouldn't be seeing).  

Finance, for example, will be working on draft financial reports. We need a place to put those
that are not public until after the board (or the committee itself if so designated by the board)
approves them for publication. If we had those on a FinanceWiki, then nobody else in the
organization will be aware of them and none of them will be able to comment on them or add their
input. We NEED that kind of back and forth, especially for things like budgeting. 

If, however, only a small part of finance committee has access to InternalWiki and we have the
draft documents there, then the other members of the committee might as well not be on the
committee at all since they don't have access to the place where the work is being done. 

But my biggest point is this; If we can't trust members of the finance committee with keeping
sensitive non-financial matters confidential, then how the hell can we trust them to keep
sensitive financial matters confidential? Trust is trust. We either trust them or we don't. 

> Only problem, there is some confidential stuff on the internal wiki, and 
> some people might be unhappy that all committees members are given 
> access to it.

'Some people might be unhappy' is not a valid reason. If that were valid, then the fact that I'm
unhappy about balkanization should carry just as much weight. 

-- mav

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