[Foundation-l] Re: communications committee

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 09:56:10 UTC 2006

Daniel Mayer wrote:
> --- Elisabeth Bauer <elian at djini.de> wrote:
>>Working tools:
>>* an internal press wiki (enotif enabled) and a mailing list will be
>>used to coordinate the work of the communications committee. The mailing
>>list and the wiki will be open to all people doing PR on an
>>international or project level.
>>* the press queues in otrs
>>* the press release distribution and archive software on wikimedia.de
> A separate list I can understand (I plan to have one for finance). But why is there a need for a
> separate Wiki? We already have InternalWiki whose editors must be approved of by the board not
> only to edit but to even view pages. Do we now not trust all board members, officers and the board
> members of chapters? If so, then we are in serious trouble. 

Problem is Mav... Some members of the committees are neither board 
members, nor officers, no members of chapters. They are just simply 
themselves, good people we like and trust....

Only problem, there is some confidential stuff on the internal wiki, and 
some people might be unhappy that all committees members are given 
access to it.

For myself, I would be glad to work mostly on meta or on a more discreet 
place (with for example, login mandatory and rather open membership), an 
archive-open mailing list, and hack the confidential stuff by private 
email and if necessary put the confidential stuff on internal.


> A separate wiki for press and PR is a very bad idea since other parts of the organization will
> also need to periodically be involved in press/PR issues. At the very least they need to be
> informed of what is going on so they don't get blindsided. Other times their input will be needed.
> All that can and should be done in one centralized place, InternalWiki. 
> Anything uber secret should only be handled by the board and they already have their own wiki.   
> -- mav 
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