[Foundation-l] Re: communications committee

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 09:50:46 UTC 2006

Angela wrote:
>>To be a UK press contact, I should probably be listed on the
>>Foundation wiki press contacts ... I've decided my mobile number is
>>public (though I usually let it go to message): 07990 822 568. I asked
>>to be added to the page a while ago ... is there some problem I'm not
>>aware of?
> I suspect that the problem is that Anthere is basically the only
> person who regularly updates the foundation wiki, and she probably
> wasn't aware that you were supposed to be added. It's a good job we'll
> be getting a communications committee (pending board approval) to
> resolve this sort of thing. :)
> Angela.

Yes. There are a whole lot of pending issues at the moment regarding the 
Foundation website.

Such as possibly you asking to be added as press contact (I also 
suddenly wonder if there was not also something left to update about 
Nicholas Moreau that I might have forgotten on the way).
Also, Delphine asked to be made sysop on it.
And finally, there are *many* pending requests to simply have an account 
on it (Li Sung and others I think).

I usually try to fix these issues every 2-3 weeks, but it may be that 
with holidays and the stewards elections... errr... I might have left 
time go without realising :-)



PS : just a note. As for contact people, it is getting a bit messy, 
because I think we have a complete page of them on the internal wiki 
(so, none visible to the press), a shorter list on the foundation wiki 
(so, visible), other lists on local projects and maybe even some lists 
on meta.

And the *one* day I needed the contact with the swiss... I had to go 
hunt on irc channels to find it...

There is work to do :-)

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