[Foundation-l] communications committee

Angela beesley at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 03:14:41 UTC 2006

Although the communications committee will primarily use meta and the
foundation wiki for its activities, there are three areas that need to
remain confidential:
1) copies of old press reports since these would be copyright
violations if you just put them on a public wiki (linking isn't an
option for sites that don't keep open and/or permanent archives of
their news nor for press that only appeared in hard copy)
2) personal contact details on the press distribution lists
3) press releases that we really can't release ahead of time (like
partnerships and other deals)

Unless we want to open up the internal wiki to every committee member
(potentially hundreds of people when you consider every sub-committee
that will be formed), having separate wikis for the few committees
that need it seems the only sensible solution. I had not assumed that
anyone who became a committee member would automatically get access to
the internal wiki. Remember that only the initial committee members
are approved by the Board. Any future additions (and the press
committee for one intends to expand a lot over the coming weeks) will
presumably not be going through board votes.


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