[Foundation-l] This is not an Advertisement

Jeroenvrp wikipedia at xs4all.nl
Fri Dec 29 00:15:09 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 29 december 2006 00:41, schreef Brion Vibber:
> It was meant to be a provocative opening statement, but it appears
> accurate based on your actions and words last night and you have not
> explained otherwise, so I continue to stand by these words.

Well, you did revert me on a Wikipedia where you are only a moderator because 
of technical reasons and since this was NOT a technical issue, I assume you 
also did not follow the book.

> >> It's about free/open educational content. It's about making materials
> >> open and available for use by the public, including the creation of
> >> derivative works and redistribution.
> >
> > Exactly, but you you miss the point completely Brion. It's advertisement
> > at a location where the free content is CREATED, not
> > redistributed/mirrored. Actually I don't care about if people make money
> > with Wikipedia content, the same applies for Linux distributions, but we
> > are talking about advertisement on the location where the content is
> > created. That kills our reliability, so far we have that allready.
> How? Please explain.
> > It's not about business-models, websites, but
> > about the source off the free content. Any connection to what kind of
> > company, religion, political party, government, whatever... will harm one
> > of the basic principles of this great project.
> How? Please explain.

Come on Brion, must I really explain this to you. I don't go that way with 
you. You should know WHY?

> Perhaps you missed it, but the foundation came from the community and is
> made up of community members.

That's even worse. 

> Perhaps you missed the last six years solid, where there have always
> been disagreements within the community and communications problems
> between different parts of it.

Yes, so we should have learned from the past.

> Me, I noticed. That's probably why I've been screaming for better
> organization and communication in this fundraiser debacle.

Good to hear that.

> Communication is the #1 problem facing us. Do you believe the best
> response to this is to engage in edit wars?
> I don't.

No I don't believe that, but sometimes things are more important than not 
doing anything. 

> That's probably why I'm posting here instead of dropping the nukes and
> blocking edit-warring sysops.

Well, that is one more credit for you.

> What good would it do other than piss people off?

Nothing, so let stop us for now. I think everyone had made his/her point and I 
truly hope the communities are much better informed and involved the next 


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