[Foundation-l] To all non latin wikis please start blocking latin wiki accounts

Heimermann, Asher resourcesofsheboygan at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 22:05:55 UTC 2006

I don't support this.
  Walter, you should go to bed!

Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net> wrote:
  After Gregory's action I want to ask all wiki's who use non-latin 
languages as their standard to start blocking all latin character user 
accounts and demand they use accountnames in your script, especially 
those of en.wikipedians actively supporting this en: policy.

Maybe this way they will understand on en: that there action is 
extremely biased and very very bad as they seem to insist to keep 
blocking good users like admins from other wiki's simply because people 
want to use their REAL NAME.

Start with Gregory's account btw.


>Gregory Maxwell schreef:
>>On 12/22/06, Birgitte SB wrote:
>>>The en.WP Username policy has been changed.
>>Unfortunatly, it was changed without any valid basis.
>>It is not acceptable to remove longstanding policy simply because some
>>people on a mailing list decided to speculate randomly and accuse
>>enwiki of "ethnocentricism" without substantiation.
>>As a result I've reverted the change and contributed some suggestions
>>to the talk page.
>>I agree that the policy should be *improved* to address the real
>>concerns brought up, and to be more friendly to users who work across
>>many languages. Simply removing the section does not, however,
>>address the very real issues which caused the creation of the policy
>>in the first place.
>Some people congratulated me with the outcome of this affair. My 
>reaction was that it did not feel like a victory because I feel bruised 
>by the experience. Having said this, your suggestion that there has been 
>no substantiation about the grievance that was put forward is seriously 
>wrong. The notion that it is up to you to revert this change continues 
>to make this affair even more painful. Simply reverting this change and 
>thereby denying that many of the reasons why this policy was put in 
>place is seriously wrong.
>I have to say I am increasingly upset by this affair.
> GerardM
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