[Foundation-l] Removal of Banning Notices/Cherokee Wikipedia

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Wed Dec 20 20:45:33 UTC 2006

Mr. Wales has removed the ban notices from the English Wikipedia 
pertaining to me.  Based upon past issues with editing there, I have 
given Mr. Wales my promise to avoid the English Wikipedia entirely since 
my editing style has not been productive or worked out well with others 
on the English Wikipedia due to distant past attempts to have my 
article, Jeffrey Vernon Merkey, removed from Wikipedia entirely.  I have 
gotten very confortable with the fine manner in which Mr. Wales and the 
Foundation have handled such a sensitive topic and this controversial 
article about me, and it's simply better for me to stay away from the 
English Wikipedia since I AM CONTROVERSIAL and MY ARTICLE IS 
CONTROVERSIAL.  It's just better to not risk the temptation that all of 
us seem to experience when articles are written about us on Wikipedia.  
Its better to stay away entirely to allow the processes of Wikipedia to 
function the way they were intended.  My presence on the English 
Wikipedia could only exacerbate this old situation surrounding the 
article.  So I voluntarily choose to avoid the English Wikipedia for 
these reasons.    If and when I become non-notable enough to not have an 
article on Wikipedia, I will revisit the situation with Mr. Wales and 
the Foundation pertaining to the English Wikipedia.  For the immediate 
future and the present, ni-go-di-s-ge-s-di (that's just the way it is).

However, I have and continue to edit on the Cherokee Wikipedia and have 
a large body of content in Creek, Chicksaw, Dine, Cherokee, and other 
Native Languages I plan to contribute back to the Native American 
Wikipedia's over time.    There are no bans on my contributions in these 
areas.  Although Mr. Wales has removed the ban, I wish to avoid any 
future problems editing the English Wikipedia and make the best effort I 
can to heal old wounds and put the past where it belongs -- in the past.

I also would like to start posting featured articles on the Cherokee 
Wikipedia, and in time, the other Native American Wikipedia sites as 
well. I formally request consideration by the Wikipedia Community for 
admin status on the Cherokee Wikipedia to fully Cherokee Language enable 
it and start posting articles in our language and really get the site up 
to the same level as the English Wikipedia.  Since I have voluntarily 
elected to avoid the English Wikipedia site, and since I am the only 
active Native Speaking editor on the Cherokee Wikipedia, asking for 
admin status there would only result in me voting for myself, since 
there is no one else.

I therefore submit this request via the foundation mailing list for 
consideration.  Your consideration would be appreciated.


Jeff V. Merkey

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