[Foundation-l] [Commons-l] Wikimedia Foundation's help to the projects

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Dec 20 00:42:46 UTC 2006

Birgitte SB wrote:

>I don't believe you understand how useful it would be
>to just have some one say "That particular case is
>unknown.  The most similar case to this is Foobar."  
>Even if there were a table of questions that people
>have asked in the past with yes/no/unknown and no
>futher advice would be extremely helpful.  I think it
>a false expectation of yours that we are expecting
>clearcut answers.  Really we have been mucking through
>copyright questions as best we can for some time; we
>are all well aware there are often not answers only
>arguments.  Just being able to eliminate some
>arguments as invalid would be very helpful.
We've been "mucking through" since day one.  Your proposal makes sense 
until one examines the disciplined way in which Wikipedians deal with 
such things.  High marks for optimism. ;-)


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