[Foundation-l] when uploading pictures to commons ....

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Mon Dec 18 11:40:07 UTC 2006

James Hare wrote:

>I know it sounds tempting, but the "Crash my computer" button on Commons
>will just have to not be clicked. :)
>In other words, if you know an image is large, as in very very large, don't
>click on the full-size version link.
>Where is the image description page for this map, by the way?
Ok for me. But how many of our XXXXXXX visitors know this? This is the 
xxth case of yes we as wikimedia editors are computersavvy and work our 
way around. But 99% of the general population is not. Their Firefox 
crashes (or other browser) and they just recon something is wrong with 
the site. This is very unfriendly for endusers. The map is worth nothing 
when viewed as a thumbnail! So if this is the case, the .png version 
should be used by default and not the .svg version as it seems unstable. 
It is not just this map. By looking around on commons I found many many 
maps that gave me this same problem.

So we are busy becoming very unfriendly very fast for the average 
enduser. Let alone for our targetaudience which is people who will view 
this on older machines. There goes our "access to knowledge for 
everyone" slogan. As these maps again are worth "nothing" when viewed as 
a thumbnail!


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