[Foundation-l] Non-commercial images

elvis at chan.de elvis at chan.de
Fri Dec 15 13:39:59 UTC 2006

Quoting Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org>:

> On 12/15/06, luke brandt <shojokid at gmail.com> wrote:
>> From what I understand (but please someone correct me if I misunderstood
>> the reports) the Wikimedia Board didn't vote last time these matters
>> were raised because it prefers to allow autonomy.
> On issues such as whether we should allow NC images I, as member of
> the current Board, definitely don't think there should be any project
> level autonomy at all. If we want to keep our content compatible
> across languages and projects, we need to apply a consistent standard
> of freedom.
> At this time, I would strongly, strongly ask anyone advocating the use
> of NC content in a project to reconsider. It would hurt Wikikimedia
> tremendously.

would this be the end of "fair use" images in the wikipedia? (since  
fair use is mostly an usa construct afaik)*

(and i am not really sure what a non comercial image is)

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