[Foundation-l] [Foundation wiki] Fundraising related update

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 17:00:54 UTC 2006

Hello there,
On behalf of Jd, who would care for fundraising related translation
(but regretfully offline now), I ask you help translation &
localization of several pages on the Foundation.

* Translation
 Requests are already submitted on meta:TR. Give a look [[m:TR]] and
help your language translation. They are also the board expansion
related update.
* Localization
  As reported, the more currencies you can use on PayPal than before.
If your favorite & local currency is included, it would be nice to
feature it on your language Fundraising page, like
[[Wikimedia:Sponzorství]] in Czeck which put the Czeck currency on the
top of the list.
  The currencies accepted on PayPal are: Australian Dollar (AUD),
Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Czech Koruna (CZK), Danish
Krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD),
Hungarian Forint (HUF), Yen (JPY), Norwegian Krone (NOK), New Zealand
Dollar (NZD), Polish Zloty (PLN), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Swedish
Krona (SEK), U.S. Dollar (USD); Please give a look to your own
language page, and examine if this information is already placed on
that page.
 With plenty of templates, you may feel at ease to draft your new
version on meta. You may found it at [[m:Translation
requests/WMF/Fundraising pages]].


KIZU Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
  * Nessuna poesia prima di noi *

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