[Foundation-l] [Internal-l] Agreement between local chapters and Foundation

florencedevouard anthere at anthere.org
Wed Dec 13 00:43:15 UTC 2006

Delphine Ménard wrote:

>On 12/11/06, florencedevouard <anthere at anthere.org> wrote:
>>The agreement proper was essentially drafted by the local chapters
>>coordinator, Delphine Ménard, the UK chapter, Alison Wheeler and our GC,
>>Brad Patrick.
>Give credit where credit is due. The agreement was actually drafted in
>its entirety and collectively by the Chapters committee [1] and
>polished by the three of us. :-)
>[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Chapters_committee

I rephrase then

A simple hand shake to Nathan Carter (cause I do not know him well)
Łukasz Garczewski, we can look together toward the future if you wish 
(retreat type)
Austin Hair will have a hug (cause he needs to get used to noisy 
europeans chicks hugging him)
Delphine Ménard, I'll share a room with her in a few days as a sign of 
my happiness
Well, another hand sake I guess to Hari Prasad Nadig

And 2 advisers: Somehow... I doubt Andrew was involved in this one..., 
Kuddos to Arne.

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