[Foundation-l] Community project?

Bence Damokos bdamokos at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 17:39:13 UTC 2006

It doesn't matter, which es: are we speaking about...
The same idea came up recently on the wikitech-l mailing list, and I
strongly support it.

I think it could be started, by copying the English Wikipedias Tools and
bots pages to a central place, and then people from all over (including en)
could start adding their own, and making translations, creating simple
how-to (how-to use XY script, how to localise XY script, and not really a
how-to: How to improve this script, and who can help improving it)

Any other ideas


On 12/7/06, Pedro Sanchez <pdsanchez at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/6/06, Christophe Henner <christophe.henner at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Heuuu I do think there was a misunderstanding :)
> >
> > I'm not speaking of translation in here (for the
> > project/comitee/whatever the name), in fact we would need the help of
> > translator, but the main goals are to centralize idea, solutions to
> > recurrent problem, listing tools (translate it when needed), etc...
> > not translation at all...
> >
> > Actually, the closer commitee to this project should be the
> > "Communication Commitee" on some goal. The closer project would be
> > [[:Communitas]], but it's a born-dead one. Then what do we have to
> > centralize tools and bots and solutions? We have a huge community,
> > plenty of people who has many ideas and... we all stay in our project,
> > not trying to work all together. Sorry but in a such project you
> > should have somewhere to coordinate a little. Some gave me the answers
> > "there is meta:" Ha yeah? Is it? So where? and then no answer. It
> > seems that people are "nearly" reluctant to try stuff...
> >
> > In this way, I'll be bold. I know some spanish guys liked the idea, so
> > I'm gonna do it by myself on a personnal subpage :). If it's the only
> > way to have it :)
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> Interesting, as in spanish wikipedia is where I?ve seen most people
> reluctant (yet not opposed) to work on meta. Some (admins) even said
> they're distrustful of foundation related stuff, and I've also been
> told by several regular users that, I should stop being so active on
> other wikis if I wanted to be considered a vaued contributor :P
> I don't know why this happens, maybe it's a residual from the
> Enciclopedia libre fork mindset.
> So.. are speaking of the same es: ?
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