[Foundation-l] Community project?

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 12:54:18 UTC 2006

thank you Christophe for letting us share your experience and ideas.
Hopefully ongoing collaboration efforts on meta would be suggestive
for you.

It is my honor to introduce you and the community our Translation
teams developed in several languages and also their coordinators. The
idea of translation team has come from user:Dbl2010 who is active on
this mailinglist already and a translation coordinator for Turkish
language. I appreciate hereby him for his initiatives.

Translation coordinators (in full name: translation coordinator per
language, abbr. TCPL) comes mainly from their native language
community and have good experience both in translation and
coordination within/outsides of their main project, including
Wikimedia committee. They are in my opinion trustworthy and
knowledgeable people, or we invited just whom we put trust on him or
her. They are well known both on their local community and on meta,
have experienced in collaboration with us Communications committee, of
course particularly with Translation subcommittee, or with other
committees. All such teams and coordinators have begun working in
November as team. Their team are currently just launched and in an
experimental stage. The coming Fundraising campaign would be a good
test for each team. At least as far as I scanned some relevant pages,
the current teams are working in a good atmosphere and very

For further information available on meta, specially in works they are
really doing.

Since we are just in the start, we will very appreciate your feedback.

KIZU Naoko
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